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Local leadership is the key

The new health centre, currently under construction.

A new health centre is under construction in Volta

Martin is a father and fisherman. He’s also a member of the local council and an active Plan volunteer. He is one of many community members in Volta who are contributing to the construction of a new health centre, which has been made possible thanks to your sponsorship.

Not only is this project set to improve the lives of everyone in the community (especially children) through improved access to health care, it’s also serving as a catalyst for another important transformation. By getting involved, community members like Martin are making these projects happen – and, more importantly, they’re making them sustainable by building local skills and know-how that are essential to the long term success of community development.

“I was very excited to be part of such an important project for the community,” says Martin, “but I have found that one of the most meaningful parts of the experience has been the knowledge I’ve gained by managing funds for the project through proper book keeping.”

Plus, he says, “working on this and other projects has motivated me and made me more committed to the development needs of my area.”

As a local councillor, Martin was able to put that commitment into action.

“This health centre is still under construction, but working with my other councillors we’ve already been able to get a Community Health Nurse posted here, so we are already on our way to better health care,” says Martin, with a sense of pride and ownership for the change underway in Volta.

“People are excited about Plan because they have supported us to develop our community ourselves,” he says.

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