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Life on Leeward's farm

How could any of us get ahead in life, if not given the chance?

When we first met Leeward, his family grew maize, cassava and pepper – keeping part of the produce for themselves, and selling the other portion at the market, about 20 kilometres away.

I want my children to attend school and learn very well so as to become great citizens,” he told us. But crops were inconsistent, leaving Leeward with little leeway for financing expenses.

My hope is that Plan International will support us with funds to do some income-generating ventures like pig farming to enable us to have reliable income to take care of our children and meet their school needs,” he had shared.

Leeward smiles and tends to his pigs.

Leeward loves the farming life!

Today, you helped make that dream happen for Leeward and his family.

My dream of raising farm animals has finally come to pass thanks to Community Sponsorship,” he says, excitedly.

As a member of the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA,) I was given training and formed the habit of saving money every week. I was encouraged to start a small piggery and was able to take a loan to support it,” he explains, with gratitude. “This would not have been possible before.

Thanks to your generous sponsorship, Leeward was one of more than 40 community members:

  • Supported through the formation of more than 5 VSLA groups and trained in related activities
  • Educated on improved farming methods with guidance from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Provided with entrepreneurial and business skills development in partnership with the National Board for Small Scale Industries (involves market and price assessment to help ensure success)
Double panel: group of people gather around, sitting on benches and listening to a meeting leader.

Leeward attends a VSLA meeting (second from right, left photo), and helps out with a school build (in blue shirt at left, right photo).

A portrait of Rose.

My dad bought some exercise books for me to use at school!” Rose confirms, a prospect that makes this grade 1 student “very happy.

Saving has been a very difficult problem for me and most people in the community. Though I had been working for some years now, I had never made any savings and was practically living day to day,” he explained.

With your help, those days are in the past.

I have observed an improvement in my finances. Plus, I was able to buy exercise books and other school needs for my daughter, Rose,” he adds, beaming with pride. “I hope things will continue this way so I can earn more from my farm to cater for my family.

Even with all Leeward’s accomplished, he’s already setting his sights on the next opportunities ahead.

I now have some savings to buy farm inputs to improve my crop yield this year,” he says, excited to be expanding his farm – and his dreams.

It is my hope that the farm grows to become very big so that I can earn more income to meet all my family’s needs, especially my children’s,” shares this dedicated father.

And thanks to you, he’s well on his way.

Leeward and his family of seven sit and smile

Leeward and his family.

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