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Investing in local people

Winter update 2013

One of the many things that have changed in Volta since we started working with this community is the hope and pride that are now so evident among local community members. With the help of your monthly contributions, local people are getting access to the basic tools and resources that everyone needs to support themselves and their families.

Our work in Volta touches on many aspects of community development, from health to education, from infrastructure to social services.

Highlights from some of our recent work include:

  • On the education front, we’ve now trained student prefects at six local schools, and that’s just the beginning of getting youth involved in student government and the management of their schools. We’ve also provided training to 115 new members of local School Management Committees and Parent Teacher Associations, who will be taking the lead on the upcoming School Performance Improvement Plans.
  • In our efforts to improve economic security, we’ve built on our Village Savings and Loans programs for adults with a special five-day training program for youth that is introducing them to the basics of entrepreneurism and business management to help ensure they have the skills they need to earn a living.
  • When it comes to maternal and infant health, we’ve not only continued to train community health workers but local community members, as well, through outreach initiatives and the formation of Mother Support Groups and Daddies Clubs. Equipping local people with the knowledge of best practices for healthy pregnancies and child birth is essential to both improving and saving lives.
  • In the area of water and sanitation, we’ve installed three new 1,000-gallon water reservoirs as well as water access points throughout the community and at school sites.
  • Finally, on the child protection front, we’ve supported the community in addressing domestic abuse by helping them staff a Domestic Violence Victim Support Unit. This initiative is raising awareness of the issue, creating well-trained child advocates and assisting individual children and families.

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