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How new teachers' dorms enable better learning

When you live in a remote and rural community it can be difficult to secure many things, whether commuting out to access them or attempting to bring them in. Not only does this apply for water, goods and supplies – it’s also the case when it comes to teachers!

With few local people available to teach, the community of Volta had no choice but try to attract qualified teachers from surrounding areas. With the closest commute being 17 kilometers, through bad road conditions, and with insufficient accommodations for boarders, it was a quest that proved unsuccessful.

But after connecting with community members, we identified an innovative solution: teachers’ dormitories – though it isn’t just the teachers that will benefit! New dorms mean the community can provide for and retain the most qualified teachers, enabling over 50 children from local schools to receive improved quality of education.

Improved accommodations = improved local education

Committed to building a structure that could house as many teachers as possible, the community eagerly volunteered to take on the construction. And, with the funds saved through their contributions, they were able to double the capacity of the dormitory, which now houses 4 teachers and is fully equipped with latrines, piped water, kitchen facilities and electricity!

Dual panel: Men shovel gravel and smile and stand in a doorframe smiling mid-progress.

Before: construction of the teachers’ dorms.

The completed dorms

After: the completed dorms.

Read on for testimonials on how the new dorms will help teachers perform their best and raise the bar on local learning standards in Volta!



“I am very happy with the teachers’ dormitory because teachers are now comfortably accommodated and punctual to school. Formerly teachers were refusing postings to this community and those who accepted were staying in the nearby town and commuting every day. This led to lateness and absenteeism on the part of the teachers, which affected academic performance and enrollment in the school.” – Martin, Volta community member.


“Teachers living here are now able to conduct extra classes for the children after school hours. These efforts will improve students’ performance. We are very grateful to Plan International and community sponsors for their support.” — Paul, head teacher of a nearby school


“I was staying in a hall in the community but the roof was leaking badly. Whenever it was about to rain I had to leave school and go gather my belongings to keep in a safe place. This was affecting instructional or contact hours with pupils. Now the teachers’ quarters is closer to the school and has a bathroom and toilet inside, so I have my privacy. The roof has no leakage and the room is nice and beautiful with a porch, and kitchen.” – Mabel, a grade 5 teacher and new dorm occupant.


“I was given a room in the community, but it was built with mud, roofed with grass and very small without windows or electricity, making it very uncomfortable. Now, in this teachers’ quarters, I am comfortable because it is spacious with good windows that provide better ventilation. It also has electricity, so I can now prepare my lesson notes in the night and have more time to help the children [during the day].” — Emmanuel, grade 3 teacher and new dorm occupant
Keeping talent, building opportunity

Thank you for helping bring comfortable, clean, safe and convenient lodgings to Volta – and, in doing so, bringing in the best available teachers and best possible learning for local children.

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