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Fishing helps Lifeway find a way

Lifeway is a local father who shared with us the hardships his family had recently fallen under. Fortunately, he also shared how he was able to turn their lives around, thanks to a safety net of supports combining fishing, village savings and loans associations (VSLA) and one other key component – you.

Lifeway stands outside his home with his two sons.

Lifeway and his two sons stand outside their home.


The past 6 months have not been easy for my family. I suffered a leg injury, and my mother and my child both fell sick. I had to take care of them and pay their hospital bills. Thankfully, loans from the VSLA enabled me to cope.

I participated in the VSLA activities, and – as the leader of one the youth aquaculture project’s groups – I participated in the training and helped set up and manage one of the fish cages.

Plan International taught me how to organize the youth for communal labour for development and how to engage in aquaculture for income.

I have accessed small loans to cater for my pressing needs thanks to the introduction of VSLA in my community. In the past, no other option existed.

Thankfully, the challenges my family faced with illnesses are over now. The help I needed has been given through the projects brought by Community Sponsorship. And, with the experience I have gained as an aquaculture project leader, I am all ready to start my own business soon.

I say thank you to Plan International and to the community sponsors who thought about us and gave for our benefit. I am now very proud to welcome any visitor to my house. I could not ask for more.


Lifeway’s son, Peter, stands and smiles for the camera.

Peter, 6

Lifeway’s son, Maxwell, stands and smiles for the camera.

Maxwell, 8

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