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From fishing to farming

Nets are being set up to begin fish farming in Volta.

Community members set up nets for fish farming

In Volta, people have always relied on fishing in the nearby lake as a source of food and income for their families. But thanks to your sponsorship, they’re expanding their skills and practices to include fish farms, which have the potential to significantly increase fish yields, providing more for families to eat and sell.

In collaboration with Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture, this program trained 50 young men and women in how to build and manage fish farms. By targeting young beneficiaries, Plan is helping ensure that people in their prime earning years are able to put their energies to work lifting themselves and their families out of poverty while building up their community.

At the end of the training period, participants had taken all the materials they received – bundles of nets, galvanized pipes, plastic barrels, cement, sand, and oyster shells – to construct two large fishing cages that have since been stocked with over 17,000 tilapia fingerlings (young fish).

Lucky, aged 31, is a program participant and says he’s excited about what the future holds now that he is equipped with skills in fish farming.

“Before, I was relying on others for employment,” Lucky says, “but, having taken advantage of this opportunity, I am now my own employer and I can even offer my expertise to others for a fee.”

The lives of fifty young people and their families have changed for the better from just this one program that has put a sustainable livelihood within reach. But more than that, by nurturing local skills and industry, and increasing local food security and supply, the whole community will benefit.

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