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Doing more with more – and building on our success!

Volta’s youngest children say thank you to Canadian sponsors supporting the Community Sponsorship program.

Building on what we’ve achieved with your support, we’re expanding our Community Sponsorship program in Volta to reach more children and families.

Three years ago, thanks to the generosity and commitment of our Canadian donors, we launched our Community Sponsorship in Volta, and the journey from extreme poverty to development began. Today, there is much to celebrate, based on what community members have already made possible in such a short time with the help of your investment and support.

Inspired by that success, and the significant need in this area for more development, we are now expanding the scope of our sponsorship to include more families with the help of more Canadian supporters.

Success to date

Over the past three years, we’ve worked with families to improve their lives through a wide range of locally-driven projects in critical development areas, such as:

  • Education: From building a new preschool and stocking classrooms, to teacher training and community outreach to get children in school
  • Livelihood and economic security: From helping families improve their farming and fishing practices, to setting up Village Savings & Loans groups that bring basic financial services within reach of the poorest people
  • Child protection: From instituting community-based birth registration services that ensure local children have all the protections and rights of citizenship, to community awareness campaigns promoting child and gender rights
  • Health: From constructing a new health post and providing clean drinking water, to training community health workers and volunteers in child and maternal health.
A future with potential

With a larger group of sponsors coming on board, we’ve already got more planned, including:

  • The construction of new learning facilities and teacher quarters, more student scholarships and teacher training programs
  • Ensuring more children gain access to health services
  • The construction of more latrines and improved access to clean water for more families
  • Expanded livelihood initiatives for local youth and adults
  • Improved child protection mechanisms.

This is very happy news, and it wouldn’t be possible without all our sponsors, existing and new. Take a moment to meet some of the families who’ve just joined the journey, thanks to our sponsorship expansion.

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