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A new school that has it all

Like youth across Canada, Volta’s primary students recently headed back to school. But this year, they had something different to look forward to, thanks to community sponsors like you: a brand new primary school, filled with everything they need!

A class of students cheer outside their school.

Primary students celebrate as the new school doors open!

Solid and resilient infrastructure

Their old school had been merely a mud structure with poor ventilation; rickety, hazardous and often unreliable, it hardly promoted a positive learning experience.

“Being a student in my community was a very difficult thing,” shares Blessing, 9. “Our school structure was an open space so wind swept dust in, making our uniforms and classroom dirty.”

“The roof leaked during the rainy season, forcing us to close school early and adversely affecting academic work,” explains Mr. Bipka, a primary school teacher. “Thankfully, the new school structure will ensure our classes will not be disrupted.”

He was right! Today, students like fifth-grader Theresa can take much more comfort in class.

“With the new school building, we no longer fear when the wind blows or when it rains!” she says with relief.

Students look at the new desks and furniture being set up in their class.

New furniture, like these desks, has been outfitted throughout the school block.

Safe water and sanitation

The old school had neither running water, nor available latrines for students.

“We used to have to walk home to drink water whenever we were thirsty,” says Theresa. “It was also difficult getting water to wash our hands at school.”

Now your support has helped extend piped water to the school, providing students with clean drinking water throughout the day – and more to bring home for later!

Additionally, you helped build an 8-unit girl-friendly latrine, along with a 3,000-litre water tank hand washing system, ensuring students’ proper health and sanitation.

“With the school tap in place, we no longer have to leave class and it makes me very happy going to school,” Theresa shares with a smile.

A new start

Thanks to you, children in Volta now have a clean, safe and supportive learning environment, ensuring a strong foundation for lifelong learning. And – best of all – the whole community came together to make it happen.

Everyone was excited to take part in any way they could…

Women gather, carrying bricks on their head, and smile.

“The women carried blocks to the construction site”, says Rejoice, a local leader.

And took ownership over its successful completion.

Community members laugh and dig.

Community members carve out space for girls with a new gender-separate latrine.

And, from start to finish, YOU helped them see it through – cheering them on, with every brick laid…

Children stand outside the construction site and cheer.

Students excitedly monitor the construction.

And helping create change that’s built to last.

Children wave from the front of the new school.

Thank you for making it possible!

Now – from orange trees to soccer teams – see how this school’s activities are shaping up!