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A healthy start for children

Children in Volta are getting a healthy start in life.

Happily healthy!

Protecting the health of children is a big priority for Plan. After all, when kids survive and thrive, so do families and communities. That’s why, with the support of generous donors like you, we’re working to improve children’s health, making it a priority among a wide variety of development initiatives in Volta.

Recent highlights include:

  • Training for over 100 traditional health providers, including birth attendants, to encourage referrals to health centres for pregnant women to access prenatal, delivery, and post-natal care with specialized health workers.
  • Refresher training for community mobilizers to update their knowledge of home-based care for children with malaria, diarrhea, cough and fever, along with good record keeping, danger signs in pregnancy, as well as gender-related issues (such as the importance of including men in caring for mothers and children).
  • Child Health promotion week focused on encouraging breastfeeding, immunization, birth registration, growth monitoring, Vitamin A and iodized salt supplementation, as well as the distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets and the promotion of hand washing to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

With the community coming together to protect the health of children, big changes are under way, including the evolution of long-held traditions such as the strict division of labour between men and women, which was harming the health of mothers and babies.

“I can see a lot of men going to the [health] centre now with their partners,” says Dademate, one of the local villagers. “It is a now a common thing in the village here to see a man sweeping, cooking, bathing his baby, carrying water and more.”

“These efforts are really working,” adds Madam Ametefe, a local midwife. “There was zero maternal and child mortality during the last quarter according to the external audit at the District Hospital.”

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