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A big dream come true

Fall update 2013

In our Spring and Summer updates, we highlighted a new pre-school that was under construction in Volta and set to open in the Fall. Well, that time has arrived and we’re excited to announce that 3-5 year olds are now attending a brand new facility dedicated to early childhood learning, thanks to your sponsorship and support!

Before Plan arrived in Volta, an educational facility for young children simply didn’t exist. Kids under five played on their own while their parents worked, or attended a daycare under a makeshift shelter without learning materials or furniture. As a result, they missed out on the invaluable opportunity for early learning and its positive impact on childhood development.

Today, with the help of your sponsorship, Volta has a brand new two-unit pre-school with a large learning area, a wide range of school supplies, an office, kitchen, and a well for clean drinking water. More importantly, the young children of this community now have a safe, comfortable and healthy place to learn where they can flourish under the guidance of a dedicated and inspiring young teacher.

It’s so rewarding to see the dream of a better start for kids come true in Volta. Indeed, it has been a labour of love for this community, which has made educating their children a top priority for development. Working with us, community members came together to plan this project and oversee its execution. They donated the land, provided their own labour and much of the materials, and now manage the school.

“We are so proud as a people to have contributed to this project for our community and children,” says Tagbor, a local father and Chairman of the school management committee. “This is a model school that will help transform lives.”

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