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A back-to-school that’s better than ever

This school year’s only just begun, but you’re already helping make it the best yet for children across Volta. Thanks to you, more than 35 children between the ages of 3 and 5 had an extra-special first day at their brand new pre-school! Meanwhile, older children have been enjoying improved quality of education and soon will have brand new schools of their own.

Now, see how the community came together to bring better education and opportunity to the youngest minds, and how these new builds are bringing hope to both learners young and old – like Gideon, and his sons!

Gideon smiles with an arm around each of his happy sons.

Gideon, father of Daniel and Nicholas

“We have been part of the pre-school construction project. I offered my labour by mixing concrete and mortar for the artisans and my wife fetched water for the project,” explains Gideon, who – like many local parents – was happy to pitch in to help benefit the children. “I have learned that as a community, if we come together and participate in our own projects, we will see a lot of development,” he added.

Men, women and children enthusiastically raise their arms in the air at the school construction site.

Thrilled community members gather at the school site to contribute and celebrate the construction.

And, with children being at the heart of everything we do, they too were excited to be involved throughout the process, often coming out to eagerly watch the progress of construction.

A man smiles as he shovels at the construction site, while children look on
Happy children stand outside the school construction site with their thumbs up!
 portrait of Daniel.

Daniel, 8, grade 5

“Plan International has engaged our children in education and how to use drama to educate community members or highlight issues affecting children,” explains Gideon – activities his son, Daniel, has happily participated in. “I love reading,” shares Daniel, who is excited about the new schools. “I was a member of the cast that staged a drama on the importance of education for children. I have learned that going to school will help me achieve my dreams.”

And it isn’t only the children and youth who are learning from these initiatives. “We are being taught how to take good care of our children and ensure that they attend and are punctual at school,” says Gideon, explaining how your sponsorship has gone beyond building schools to also build stronger and more sustainable support systems for children’s education.

Before and after photos of the new school structure.

The new pre-school! “Now that we have a new pre-school block, our children are excited to go to school,” shares an equally excited local father of 4, whose children now attend.

“We are hopeful for a bright future for our children,” adds Gideon. “We want them to get better education and are hopeful that our family will grow healthier and stronger.” Thanks to you, they already are. Now see how the new water system you helped build, which flows to the new school, is also helping to ensure that.

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