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2 awesome new at-school initiatives

A school is made up of so much more than four walls and a roof. It’s about building a sense of community and establishing a warm, welcoming space where children feel encouraged to thrive. Now, your sponsorship is helping nurture exactly that through exciting activations like these!

Kicking-off the school year right

Volta’s newest primary school girls’ soccer team smiles for a team photo.

The girls’ soccer team – and reigning champs!

Thanks to you, the new primary school received new sports and play equipment, but even more exciting was who they were given to and how they were used.

As part of the efforts underway to empower girls and promote gender equality, 22 students were supported to unite and form an all-girls soccer team – the first of its kind in this community.

Because soccer is traditionally thought to be a sport for boys, this trailblazing group of girls caused quite the stir as they excitedly took to the field in their new jerseys, ready to face-off against the boys’ team in a friendly exhibition match.

Cheered on by crowds of supportive fans, the girls ended up taking it all: winning the game by two goals, delighting spectators, impressing their competitors and filling the celebrated victors with a confidence and pride that’s all their own.

Volta’s newest primary school boys’ soccer team smiles for a team photo.

The boys’ soccer team – and good sports to boot!

Twins Atsu and Atsupe are two young players who are equally pleased with these developments, and all for levelling out the playing field.

“I like playing soccer with my friends at school,” says 10-year-old Atsu. “I like all the children. We always play together. It’s so nice.”

His twin sister Atsupe, agrees: “I enjoy the play equipment at school a lot,” she says. “Girls and boys do things in common and I feel this is good. I have seen a lot of new things in my school. It makes me happy going there.”

Twins Atsu and Atsupi laugh and prepare food outside with their parents.

“Our schools have improved tremendously,” reflects Yaw, father of Atsu (second from right) and Atsupe (far right). “It has created a safe environment for learning.”

Rooting for a better environment

There’s another way that the benefits of your sponsorship are really starting to bloom at the school. And they’ll continue to stem out to future generations.

Recently, you helped provide over 840 acacia and orange tree seedlings that were planted in the surrounding school environment. Soon they’ll sprout the protection of shade, acts as a shield from wind and contribute to an improved micro climate. They’ll even yield branches upon branches of nutrient-packed oranges – boosting students’ intake of vitamin c, curbing mid-day hunger and helping them stay nourished and focused in class throughout the day.

David and Emmanuel garden.

David and Emmanuel: a father/son, student/teacher duo you’re partnering with to sow seeds for a better tomorrow.

“Our children are happy going to school due to the new classrooms and other facilities there,” says Mr. Bipka, the primary school teacher, as well as the father of four of his own young students. “Life is now better here because of Plan International.”

His son Emmanual, 12, tends to agrees: “Life has become more comfortable here through these projects. I am always very happy to go to school, and am very proud of my community.”

Thank you for ensuring children all across Volta have every chance to grow, and only bright opportunities to look forward to ahead.

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