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Water is life

One of nine new water points completed in Jimma

"Water is life for us." Nasir, father of 7

Water is something you barely think about, if you have it. But if you don't, then you think about it constantly. For as long as Nasir can remember, water has been a source of constant struggle for him and his family – until now.

Thanks to your sponsorship, Nasir and his family finally have access to safe drinking water, and the difference is life changing.

With your help, community members have been hard at work on the planning and construction of 9 new water points in Jimma. Now complete, these wells, with easy-to-use hand pumps, are spread throughout the community, serving more than 3,000 people.

It's impossible to overstate the positive impact this is having on the local quality of life. Families are healthier and happier, sanitation and hygiene are possible, and the hours it once took to fetch water from a far off source – a task that kept children out of school and women from income-generating work – are now being spent in more constructive and fulfilling ways.

"We used to have to go a long distance to get water," says Gali, a neighbouring father and farmer. "We spent more time on that than agricultural activities. But now, thanks to Plan, we have a local water supply and our farming is already more productive than before."

As with all Plan-funded projects, local people took the lead on this initiative. Whether it was by joining the water and sanitation committee or assisting with the digging of wells or the hauling of sand and stone to the construction sites, community members – including Gali – participated in every aspect of this water project.

Moving forward, local committee members are undergoing training on system upkeep and repairs, as well as planning for two more wells and selecting the contractor for school-based latrines.

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