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The universal good of early childhood learning

“Already, I can read and write my name!”
- Sieda, age 6

Despite advances in educational attainment among Ethiopian children in recent years, children in rural areas like Jimma are still very unlikely to finish school given all the barriers they face.

With the help of your Community Sponsorship support, we are working with local people to break those barriers through investments in sustainable, community-led development. And while that includes investments in all levels of education, one of the community’s top priorities is early childhood education.

Children sing at an Early Childhood Development Centre.

Seida leads her classmates in a song.

To date, with your help, we have worked with families to create the infrastructure, teaching pool and parental buy-in needed to place more than 250 of the community’s children on the path to a better education and a brighter future.

Community members have just completed the construction of two new Early Childhood Development Centres, bringing the total number to five so far, with plans already underway for one more.

Equipped with a wide range of games, toys and learning materials, these pre-schools are giving children a chance to learn the basic literacy, numeracy and social skills that will give them a tremendous head start to succeed later on.

And to reinforce these efforts and improve the quality of care at home, 295 mothers have been trained in a range of important child care and development topics, such as the importance and how to’s of good nutrition, proper hygiene, the importance of play and positive discipline.

The returns from early education for children, especially those living in poverty, are immense. Indeed, this is one of the best investments a community like Jimma can make in the lives, learning and future livelihoods of children like Sieda – and you’ve helped make it possible.

Take a moment to meet Amino and Zeme, who are saving for the future thanks to your support.

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