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The love of a father and son

Like so many of his neighbours in Jimma, Raya never had the chance to go to school when he was a child, and that’s just the reality of poverty in rural Ethiopia where only about a third of adults are literate.

A loving father, he wants to give his children a better chance than he had at escaping poverty, and with the help of your support through Community Sponsorship he’s finally seeing that dream come true.

Thanks to the investments Jimma is making in quality education with your support, Raya’s six-year-old son, Abdurezak, has been enrolled in the community’s new kindergarten for the last two years.

A boy is dropped off at school by his father

Raya drops his son off at school

You can see the pride Raya has in his little boy, who has already become a stellar student. Before the school was built, Abdurezak used to play alone in the fields while his parents worked nearby, but since he started attending classes every day instead, he has been learning at a pace that has amazed his dad and his mom, Zueda.

A boy sits in a classroom

Abdurezak is getting a strong foundation to his education

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher,” says Abdurezak.

When Abdurezak comes home, he wants to share everything he has learned with the father he adores, and with the persistence of a six-year-old he has already achieved something quite extraordinary: for the first time ever, Raya has learned to write his own name, thanks to the private tutoring and encouragement of his young son!

“I am very glad to see my child having better access to education than I did at this age. I didn’t get this chance when I was younger and I couldn’t even write my name. But now, with the support of my son, that has changed,” says Raya, beaming at Abdurezak.

“As you can see, this centre is not only for our children,” Raya adds with a laugh, “but also for us!”

A father and son walk together

Raya and his son on their way to school – and a brighter future

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