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Saving and improving lives

A mother holds her health baby in Jimma.

Growing up healthy thanks to your support

It’s hard to believe, but pregnancy and childbirth are still a leading cause of death for young women in the world’s poorest communities, and staggering rates of newborn and child mortality take the lives of one in five children before they reach their fifth birthday.

Thanks to your support, the picture in Jimma is changing through increased investment in maternal and child health services that is saving the lives of women and children, and improving the lives of families throughout the entire community.

Working with Plan, Jimma has recently equipped local health clinics and trained over 100 health care workers to provide reproductive health services, pre- and post-natal care, as well as routine and emergency obstetrical care. It has instituted monitoring and vaccine programs for infants, a local ambulance service, and maternity homes for women who live too far from the local clinic to make it there on foot when labour starts.

As with all Plan programs, community outreach and local involvement have underpinned this successful effort, which has ensured that local families know about available services as well as why, how and when to use them, especially in an emergency, when lives are at stake.

“The uptake of these services has shown a remarkable improvement over time,” says Fatuma, one of the local health care workers who credits the outreach for the program’s effectiveness.

Indeed, our reports show that, already, over 80% of women who gave birth recently in Jimma received pre-natal care from a skilled health provider at least 4 times during their pregnancy, which is an enormous jump in these numbers from just one year ago.

Jiresiba is just one of the local women who recently benefited from the new services when she was transported by ambulance to the local clinic after she went into early labour. Due in part to the care she received, she delivered a healthy baby.

“Had we not been to the community discussion groups a few times,” says her husband, “we would not have known what to do. And without the ambulance service, I can’t imagine what the outcome could have been.”

Thank you for helping to save lives in Jimma.

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