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On their way

More children are in school in Jimma, Ethiopia with Plan’s support.

Students welcome you to the heart of their day

Nezifa is a grade-three student, and one of thousands of children in Jimma whose lives are being changed for the better thanks to you! From her newly reconstructed primary school to her mom’s involvement in a Village Savings and Loans Group, Nezifa sees a positive impact on virtually every part of her life.

“My mother received hens and now she is helping to develop a method to market and sell eggs in the community,” says Nezifa with pride. That means a new standing in the community for her family, a new source of income, and an empowered mom who has the means to keep her kids in school.

“Now I go every day. My favourite subjects are Mathematics, because I’m good at it, and the Oromiffa language, which is my mother tongue.”

At school, Nezifa and her fellow students have seen a transformation in the quality of teaching thanks to more training and support for teachers. They’ve received gym equipment like sports balls for school clubs, books for a school library, and new desks and chairs. All this, combined with a new community-wide appreciation for the value of education, means that more children are in school and really learning.

“I want to be a teacher in the future. I want to change the lives of children in my community,” says Nezifa, whose enthusiasm keeps her going from six in the morning to when the sun goes down. It’s a long day that includes helping her parents with chores around home, and getting an hour of studying in before it gets dark. But Nezifa doesn’t mind. At the heart of her day is school, and education is a game changer.

Seeing kids like Nezifa go from conditions of extreme poverty and injustice to ones of security and self-worth is the best part of the work we do at Plan, and it wouldn’t be possible without you.

“I like everything about my community, says Nezifa, whose joy is contagious. “I go to school. I have friends and relatives here, and we have our farm, which is the place I like the most.”

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