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Meet Mursheda

Mursheda smiles for the camera

Like many happy children, ten-year old Mursheda loves her community. Asked what’s best about Jimma, she thinks for a moment and then says, “There are so many things that I like – our green environment, our culture and the people who live here.”

But asked to identify the best thing about working with Plan, Mursheda doesn’t hesitate.

“What I like the most is the new water supply. I am so happy that I no longer have to go so far to get water.”

Mursheda is responsible for fetching water for her family – a chore that often falls to girls in this community. It used to take her over 40 minutes to reach the nearest water source, and then nearly double that time coming back with her heavy load.

“But now it has been more than a month since we got access to clean water,” says Mursheda with a smile. “Now it is beside my home!”

With the hours she’s getting back every week, Mursheda no longer misses out on classes or studying. What’s more, she has time left over to help out with the family farm and to spend just being a kid.

What she values most, however, is the chance to finally do well in school, and the hope that this has brought to her life.

“Now I go to school every day and I want to be a doctor,” says the enthusiastic grade-three student, whose favourite subject is science. “I want to help my community. If I have the chance, I would build a large health center that will improve people’s lives even more.”

Without you and your continued support, Mursheda would not have the opportunities or the hope she has today. And with the chance to improve her own life, she’s already thinking of ways to give back. That’s the beauty of investing in children like Mursheda who are at the heart of sustainable development in Jimma. Together, we’re improving the world today and for generations to come.

For making such profound change possible, thank you.

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