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Meet Khalid

Meet Khalid

Khalid is 13 years old and like many children in Jimma, his parents are farmers, so mornings for him start early, at 6AM.

"I let the animals out of their pens and feed the cattle and sheep before I go to school," he says. When he gets home, Khalid collects firewood and water for the household and helps out on his family's small coffee plantation.

"I love the farms in our village," says Khalid, "because they support us, and the trees are good for shade when it's hot".

A few months ago, Khalid learned about the creation of an environmental protection club at his school that was sponsored by Plan. He quickly enrolled so he could learn more about local agriculture and was given seedlings for 16 Graviola trees that produce a fruit high in vitamin C.

"If it's not a school day, like today, I take care of my trees," says Khalid, proudly. And while his small orchard is clearly the most exciting outcome for Khalid, he says he has seen many positive changes since Plan started working in Jimma, including new classrooms and latrines for his school and a community-led sanitation program.

Looking forward, Khalid hopes to see new wells for his community soon. "I want to improve the water situation for our area so that kids and mothers don't have to go far to fetch water," he says, "and so that people won't get sick when they drink it."

With your ongoing support, we'll make that happen.

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