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Meet Anwar, future doctor

It’s hard to look at 12-year-old Anwar without smiling. A bright, kind and sensitive child, he’s finally getting the chance he deserves to go to school and pursue his dream of one day being a doctor.

A smiling boy stands in a doorway

Anwar smiles outside of his newly constructed home

“I want to help people in my community,” he says.

While Anwar’s mother always wanted her children to go to school, poverty meant it was not possible.

But since Plan arrived, Anwar’s mother’s got the chance to enroll in one of our Village Savings and Loans programs, which enabled her to start a small business and improve the family’s livelihood.

A stands with his mother

Anwar and his mother have a special bond

“I have been trained in agriculture and egg production and improved my income and savings through the sale of eggs,” she says with pride.

Now the family has a new house and all her children are in school.

In school and working hard, Anwar still tends to the cattle and collects firewood and water for his family, but now he goes to school every day. And when his chores are done, he studies until dark with a sense of joy and purpose, thankful for the chance to work toward a brighter future.

“Now I go to school with great efficiency,” he says with his infectious smile.

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