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Life-changing programs

There has been a lot of progress in Jimma over the past few months, thanks to you.

Leading to a better future

It's hard to imagine what life would be like without access to basic financial services, but that was the reality for rural villagers in Jimma. With traditional banks far away and generally unwilling to lend to people who live on less than $2/day, we helped residents fill the gap with locally-run savings and loans groups.

This life-changing program targets poor women, teaching them financial skills so they can grow their money and pool savings to finance income-generating activities as well as education and health care costs for their families. With access to capital, these women are beginning to use their skills and talents to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and ensure a better life for their children.

Education for change

On the education front, we assisted with the renovation of an unused space in a community centre for a new pre-school, and helped a local committee recruit and train teachers and undertake enrolment. The result? Four local women now have teaching jobs – and 35 children are now enjoying early learning and care!

For the community's primary schools, which had a chronic shortage of furniture, we provided student desks so that children would no longer have to sit on rocks or carry stools from home. Now children are learning comfortably in brand new desks, thanks to your generosity.

Community-led sanitation

Rounding out our work this quarter, we helped local villagers implement a community-led sanitation program to educate everyone on the importance of using latrines to avoid contamination of the local water supply. We'll continue this work over the next three months with the construction of new latrines at local schools, and will be implementing a range of new programs in the areas of agricultural training and livelihood development.

Stay tuned for more good news in the months to come!

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