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Keeping children healthy

Improving education, health and income security for families are among our top priorities in Jimma. Since our last update in May, we've expanded our programs in all three areas, thanks to your support.

On the education front, we've continued to focus on early childhood programs, opening two new preschools in the last three months with your help.

"It means a lot to see preschools in our villages," says one local mother. "Before, our young children spent their days in the fields while parents worked, but now they are learning and we see a big difference."

In addition to giving children an early start at school, we're also ensuring that they get a healthy start at home. Over the past three months, we've delivered workshops for over 60 mothers and caregivers, giving them a chance to improve their skills and knowledge when it comes to sanitation, hygiene and nutrition so they can keep their children healthy and strong.

Our agricultural programs are providing local families with comprehensive training on vegetable, fruit and poultry production, as well as beekeeping, so they can feed their families and earn an income. To date, we've enrolled 135 community members in this program, equipping them with seeds, supplies, and knowledge to turn home-grown produce into nutritious meals.

"I learned a lot about vegetables, fruit and honey production," says Rahiwa, a local teen who took part in the program. They told us that honey gives us energy and it's a good food, especially for children. I have learned to prepare nutritious food from what we have."

In the coming months, we'll be finishing the constructing of latrines at a local primary school just in time for the new school year. We'll also be distributing 100 bee hives to local families. Stay tuned for more success stories!

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