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Harvest and growth

The last few months were harvest season, keeping families extremely busy harvesting their crops. But they still made time to meet with Plan staff to plant the seeds of change.

Community members met to identify families who will participate in household economic security initiatives, an important process to ensure that the most vulnerable families have an opportunity to build a better future. Along with Plan staff, the people of Jimma also began to develop budgets and project plans for the next six months.

They have already started to purchase items such as beehives, poultry and improved vegetable seeds for the next stage of projects. These include:

  • Training 150 people on vegetable and fruit production then providing them with seeds
  • Training 100 people on poultry production and providing them with chickens
  • Training 50 people on beekeeping and providing them with beehives
  • Educating 12 community health workers in nutrition and hygiene
  • Establishing and equipping two early childhood care and development centres
  • Constructing latrines for three primary schools, and educating students in six schools on sanitation and hygiene.

With your ongoing support, you are helping children and families build a better life today and for the future. On behalf of the people of Jimma, thank you.

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