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Early development, long-term success

Ensuring that children have a healthy, happy start to life is an essential part of the development process  and it’s at the heart of what we do at Plan. That’s why, with the support of your sponsorship over the past four months, we’ve continued to work with the people of Jimma to construct and equip more Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centres in their community.

These centres benefit children by supporting their development through a wide range of learning, nutritional and health programs. And they support parents as well by freeing up their time for income-generating work while offering literacy and life skills programs that enable them to better care for their children at home.

Mohamed, a local volunteer and father of six, has been helping to build enrolment by spreading the word to local families about the value of these new centres.

“I am working closely with Plan’s volunteers in creating awareness of the rights and needs of children,” he says. “Now everyone is sending their young children to school.”

“Before the ECCD centre was built, children had to travel long distances to get to school,” says Hindi, a local mother whose youngest is now one of 70 children to attend a newly-built pre-school close to home, thanks to donors like you.

Parents like Hindi and Mohamed are getting actively involved in their community’s new pre-schools – not just by sending their children and attending programs themselves, but also by volunteering (and getting trained) as outreach workers, teaching assistants, and members of the school management committees. As with all of our programs, our goal with these new early childhood centres is to invest in sustainable, community-run assets that will benefit Jimma and its families for generations to come.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the children of Jimma, which is putting this community and all the families who live here on the path toward successful, long term development.

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