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Creating new opportunities

Thanks to your ongoing generosity and support, it has been a busy few months in Jimma with new investments being made in community infrastructure and, most importantly, local families who are getting access to new opportunities to earn a living and improve their lives.

Highlights from the last quarter include:

  • Water and sanitation
    • Completion of a water assessment and feasibility study that has resulted in plans for a series of new wells and hand pumps that will deliver fresh water to local families at 10 central sites in the community
    • Continued construction of new latrines at local primary schools
  • Soil conservation campaign
    • Running from January until Spring, this campaign is raising local awareness of soil conservation practices, such as crop rotation and windbreaks, to prevent soil erosion and promote healthy crops throughout the year
  • Beekeeping
    • Distribution of 100 modern beehives to local women in 15 Village Savings & Loans groups so they can earn money from honey production
  • Horticulture
    • Following the creation of a small-scale irrigation system, we've provided horticultural training and seeds to 60 women who are looking forward to a successful harvest of potatoes, cabbage and onions later this year
  • Poultry production
    • We've provided poultry training and over 200 breeding chickens to 100 households to help ensure that poor households have access to a more diversified diet and better livelihood.

None of this would be possible without you. With heartfelt thanks for your ongoing partnership.

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