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Celebrating Jimma’s accomplishments

Nearly 4 years ago, we set out to improve the lives of children and families across Jimma, Ethiopia – a community that struggled to meet basic needs due to a lack of access to crucial resources like clean water and quality education. Today, there is much to celebrate.

Thanks to your commitment and generosity, the community of Jimma has made huge accomplishments and gains towards breaking the cycle of poverty and beginning a cycle of progress.

The Abazinab family.

The Abazinab family can now look forward to a brighter future in Jimma.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve positively impacted lives in Jimma, since embarking on this process of change together:


  • Helped provide access and enrolled over 660 children in early childhood care and development centres, through construction of 6 ECCD Centres and the provision of equipment and training
  • Created 5 teachers’ residences, attracting more teachers and improving the quality of education
  • Equipped students with important school supplies including desks, chairs, library books and sports and play equipment, to support learning and improve school participation for over 4,000 students


  • Trained over 100 health care workers and reached hundreds more through community awareness campaigns on maternal, newborn and child health*
  • Trained over 350 mothers on child care and development, such as proper nutritional and sanitary practices to improve the health of their children and families

Clean water and sanitation

  • Constructed 13 water pumps, providing access to clean water to more than 4,600 people
  • Provided 5 schools with improved sanitation through the completed and ongoing construction of latrines, along with hand washing facilities, supplies and training, benefitting over 4,000 children


  • Provided agricultural or livelihood training to over 1,000 farmers, helping them improve yields and generate more income
  • Distributed more than 600 breeding chickens, 100 beehives and seeds to over 520 farmers to create new opportunities for financial and food security
  • Formed 118 Village Savings and Loans Associations to provide local families and entrepreneurs with viable savings and loan options for their families and small businesses*
  • Over 2,000 women were given access to financial services, financial literacy and training*
The children of Jimma hold a Plan sign and wave!

A very special thank you from the children of Jimma!

Throughout these projects local people, including children, came together to participate in the work – uniting to improve their own lives. Now, they’re dedicated to carrying on these projects to benefit generations to come.

A new, promising journey

Thanks to your generosity and support, the people of Jimma have the skills and tools they need to see to the ongoing success of these initiatives and are excited to keep growing and thriving. Now the community of Kita, Mali – where half the population lives on less than a dollar a day – is in need of the same opportunity.

With your help, we’re bringing new hope to the people of Kita and helping them look forward to brighter futures of their own. Learn more about the amazing changes your Community Sponsorship will help make possible next, reaching even more families in need.

This project receives financial support from the Government of Canada through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).

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