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Catch up with Hadhasultan

Women in Jimma now have the skills they need to improve their livelihoods and household income thanks to Plan's Community Sponsorship.

Training in raising poultry gives women like Hadhasultan a better economic outlook for the future

Hadhasultan is no stranger to hardship. As a mother of three whose husband died of typhoid fever several years ago, she has struggled just to get by. But now with your help, she’s getting a chance to actually get ahead by taking part in our agricultural, livelihood and microfinance programs.

Thanks to your monthly sponsorship, Hadhasultan is one of nearly 300 people to receive training in vegetable production in the last six months, which has improved her skills in planting and harvesting as well as sales and record keeping.

She is also one of nearly 100 people to attend a three-day training session on raising poultry and since then has received her own breeding hens.

“I now have chickens, which are producing eggs,” she says, “and as a result, I’ve increased my savings. And as you can see,” she adds, pointing to her patch of farmland, “my harvest is good, and that’s because of the fertilizer I bought through a micro loan.”

Hadhasultan exemplifies the many ways that local people can improve their lives, if given the chance, and get at the root causes of poverty once they’ve got access to the basic tools of development.

But Hadhasultan says what impresses her most are the changes she has seen more broadly in her community since Plan arrived.

“Wow! There are changes,” she explains. “For example, women have become active participants equally with men in all development activities since Plan has been here. Gender equality, the Village Savings and Loans Associations, education at both the primary and early childhood levels, all these things are improving life here.”

Take a moment to meet Ababiya, a local father and Plan volunteer and hear what he has to say about the changes he’s seen in Jimma since we’ve been working there with your support.

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