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A healthy start, a healthy life

Thanks to your sponsorship, we’ve been working hard to improve the health of children and families in Jimma. At the heart of this approach is our work to assist families in keeping their youngest children safe from the greatest risks to their health, such as obstetric emergencies and infectious disease.

We have been working to train hundreds of health providers in Jimma on maternal and child health. We’ve also helped the community set up a referral system to ensure that mothers and babies at risk are transferred as quickly as possible to health centres with more highly-skilled birth attendants and more advanced tools and equipment.

In addition, we’ve been assisting with the roll out of community awareness campaigns that are informing women and their partners of the keys to a healthy pregnancy and birth, what the warning signs are of a high-risk pregnancy, and when to seek help.

Just as importantly, we’ve been helping community members improve sanitation and hygiene as one of the best ways to protect the health and lives of children. This has included the promotion of hand washing as a simple and effective way to reduce illness. It has also involved the construction of community and household latrines, including, most recently, a set of new gender-separate latrines for one of the local primary schools. Community members took an active role in their construction, providing labour and participating in the planning process.

“Our community now has a better understanding of sanitation and hygiene,” said one local father of eight. “We’ve built latrines in our back yards and have learned a lot about how to maintain good hygiene and health.”

Thank you! Your support has encouraged members of this community to work together to ensure a healthy start and life for all children in Jimma.

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