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The journey out of poverty begins

Thank you from the children of Hatibandha

The children of Hatibandha with a message for you!

Thanks to you, our Community Sponsorship of Hatibandha is off to a great start with a wide range of community engagement activities already under way. And best of all, the girls and families living in this community have taken their first steps on the journey out of poverty.

We are delighted to share with you our first quarterly update from Hatibandha!

As an organization committed to sustainable, community-led change, Plan works to provide local children and families with the opportunities they need to break the cycle of poverty. So over the first few months of Hatibandha Community Sponsorship, we’ve been laying the groundwork for meaningful involvement through a series of community consultations.

So far, over 800 people have taken part, including women, men, girls and boys, as well as local government representatives and community leaders, all of whom have a critical role to play in Hatibandha’s development.

“Plan is totally different from other development organizations,” says Shamim, the head of a local primary school who took part in one of the community engagement sessions. “Most are top-down, but Plan works with us so we can contribute our ideas and opinions.”

Community members agree that gender discrimination and the devastating effects of child marriage are among the greatest challenges and main priorities for investment and change. So is the widespread absence of educational opportunities for children – especially for girls – as well as the annual flooding in the area.

With input from the consultations, we’re now much further along in understanding the dynamic of these issues and their impact on children and families, as well as what the community’s strengths, opportunities and resources are that can be put to work in addressing them.

In addition to the consultations, we’ve also completed:

  • A student council orientation
  • Parents’ discussion session
  • Sports tournament between schools to promote sanitation and hygiene
  • The development of a school plan to address the difficulty of student attendance during the rainy season.

“Everyone has been involved in identifying issues and finding local solutions, which is why we’re all so excited and happy to have Plan here,” says Mohammad, a local councillor.

Take a moment to see our latest photos and learn about the vital role of children in the development process.


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