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Solar lamps light up Hatibandha

A girl wears a solar lamp and smiles.

Your solar lamps are lighting up faces across Hatibandha!

Children are truly the light of every community.

But with no light in homes across Hatibandha, children had no chance to complete school work in the evenings or read bedtime stories, and families had no means to cook an evening meal.

Back in 2015, 10-year-old Morzina, told us that she felt held back by the lack of light, making it one thing she’d like to change about her community.

“Ours is a remote area and that is why we have no electricity and cannot continue our studies properly. In comparison to the children of the plain land, we are lagging behind day-by-day. I would like to create access to solar energy for all the poor people of my community.”

a young girl wears her solar lamp as her mom looks on and smiles

Now, you’ve helped bring this wish to light!

With your support we’ve been able to distribute solar lamps to children and families in need throughout the community. Durable and handy to carry (they can even be used as a headlamp!), these environmentally friendly devices harness the awesome power of the sun.

And, bringing more time to the day, they’re giving children and families a better chance to read, study and socialize – and all with increased safety – brightening local opportunities.

Bobita is given a solar lamp by community leaders and Plan International staff.

“My friends and I enjoyed the solar lamp distribution. It will help us study after dark. I have never seen such a lamp before,” beams Bobita, 13 (pictured here at left).

At the distribution, a wide range of youth, their parents and teachers, as well as key community members, were present. Before receiving the lamps, all participants pledged an oath to help end child marriage.

“I really became very happy to get the little solar lamp from Plan International,” says Shahana, Grade 10.

“I can now compete with the plain land children by doing well in my exam,” explained another recipient.

“Most of the children could not finish their homework in the evenings, causing them to fall behind and drop out from school eventually. These solar lamps will help them to no longer face such a problem,” shares Mr. Bacchu, a Community Chairman who was thrilled to distribute the lamps on your behalf.

Ripa and her brother read on their beds, by using their solar lamps.

“These lamps are very effective and usable for us and for our education,” says Ripa, 13. The chance to read well into the evening has certainly sparked smiles for her and her brother (both pictured here).

Today, thanks to this development, Morzina is one step closer to achieving her dream – which has since expanded to shining a light for all, even beyond the community: “In the future, I would like to create access of solar energy for those who cannot get proper education for their children due to an absence of electricity.”

“We were in the dark a few years ago,” reflects local leader, Mr. Ahmen. “But now the education standard of our school and the culture in the community has changed thanks to the support of community sponsors.”

Read on for some of the many ways you’re spreading rays of joy!

Rojina, 12: “The lamp is exceptional for studying in the evening and has given me encouragement to study with pleasure. Our parents are very happy to see us get such nice gifts.”

Rumi, 11 (Rojina’s sister): “I got a beautiful yellow coloured lamp which is like a flower necklace. Now I can study after dark, which I could not do earlier.”

Sabina, 19: “I am happy to use the solar lamp in the evening.”

Sabina’s father, Mohammed: “I’ve never seen this type of solar lamp, which is helpful and easy to carry. Children are happy to get them. They can use it for education and communication after sundown.”

Anju, 17: “The lamp looks like a little sun and it is very useful.”

Lipi, 12: “I have got a nice and exceptional solar lamp for studying after sundown. My new bag and the solar lamp give me enjoyment.”

Shefali, 13 (Lipi’s sister): “I got a beautiful lamp so I can study successfully, which I could not do before.”

Hasnur, 19 (Bobita’s brother): “As a college student, I was impressed to see the unusual Solar Lamp, which will be used for reading after sunset.”

Eti, 10: “Since Plan International has been working here, I have seen some significant changes in our community, like children studying with the help of solar lamps at night.”

Today, Saida, 12, is one of the many who has found new motivation: “Children are happy to get the lamps as we do not have electricity. I have got one and am inspired to study more.”

And when asked what was the best change to happen in her life recently, Sumi, Sabina’s younger sister, 11, replies that it was the chance to be given this little light: “I am happy to get it.”

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