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Saving moms and babies

A healthy newborn thanks to Plan and the support of Community Sponsorship donors.

Proud new parents!

For Masuda and Anwar, their healthy baby is the best evidence there is that change for the better is taking root in Hatibandha.

Indeed, just over a year ago, their family was mourning the loss of their first child to illness. Like most in their community, Masuda and Anwar had little knowledge of newborn health when their first child arrived. Living on an isolated homestead in extreme poverty far from any clinics and health workers, these young parents didn’t realize how sick their baby was until it was too late.

Over the past year, Masuda and Anwar became actively involved in Plan’s health awareness groups where they learned about family planning and maternal and neonatal health. That, combined with recent investments in local clinics, equipment, medicine, and health workers, meant that when Masuda got pregnant a second time, everything was different. She got medical care throughout her pregnancy, gave birth in a well-equipped clinic with a skilled birth attendant, and received follow-up care and support to keep her baby healthy.

“I got information on birth planning and preparedness from community health workers, which helped with a safe delivery and a healthy baby,” says Masuda. “We should all come to the centre for a safe delivery.”

Multiply this story by thousands of women and families and you’ll get a sense for the impact this program is having – and will continue to have.

Among recent highlights:

  • 830 women gave birth at a health facility in a three month period
  • More than 1,200 women received all four recommended pre-natal visits at a health facility
  • 900 women received postnatal care within 72 hours of delivery at a health facility
  • 780 women received 2 doses of tetanus vaccine during pregnancy.

Thanks to your sponsorship of Hatibandha, life in this remote community is getting better every day.


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