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Sabina gets the grade!

Remember that feeling of joy following your first big win? The pride in knowing you surpassed all expectations and succeeded, achieving what was once thought impossible.

When we first met Sabina 4 years ago, she had one major goal: go to school and graduate. In a country where more than half of all girls are married before their 18th birthday, school completion is a big achievement that’s too seldom reached – leaving the odds stacked against her.

But Sabina had one secret advantage in her corner: you.

Today, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news: thanks to her tireless efforts and your committed support, Sabina has hit the mark and reached her milestone, passing her exam to graduate from secondary school!

Sabina displays her passing report card

BIG congratulations are in order for this recent grad!

“My favourite subjects are business administration and production management,” says Sabina, 19, whose impressive drive has pushed her through some very challenging professional courses.

She’s also been staying at the girls’ dorm since it opened last year (also thanks to you!), offering her less of a commute and more time to dedicate to her studies.

But whenever she is back home, she’s always quick to lend some time and share her learnings with her younger siblings.

Sabina helps her younger brother and sister read.

“I have a dream to be a school teacher. I want to serve the children living in our community. I wish that each and every boy and girl would become well educated… I want to educate all people,” says Sabina – who’s already started putting her passion into action.

And she knows that her diploma is the ticket she needs to make her dreams happen.

Sabina smiles down at her passing school certificate as her sister looks on with pride.

“My higher secondary certificate exam result will give me a career path for the future,” she says with pride.

Her younger sister, Sumi, 10, has also taken notice of Sabina’s accomplishment. Understanding the importance of this achievement, she’s even more inspired to push herself in her school career. “I love going to school regularly,” says Sumi. “I am trying hard to concentrate on my education.”

Sabina and her younger sister Sumi high five.

Mission accomplished! Here’s to big sisters in Hatibandha, scoring big at school – and passing the torch to inspired sisters everywhere.

But it’s not only the young celebrating these successes.

“I have learned so many things, and am happy because my children are continuing their education,” says Sabina’s mom, who takes part in girls’ dormitory meetings to monitor the girls’ safety and education.

Sabina and her sister embrace and enjoy a laugh, arm in arm.

Arm-in-arm, this community is embracing a new wave of girl power, and all along, your encouragement’s had their back.

As a result of their engagement with Community Sponsorship programs, Sabina’s parents have become strong advocates for girls’ education and equal rights. And they’re happy with the results they’re seeing in their own family, and beyond.

“Community Sponsorship is an agent of change. Its school boats support learning, child marriage is reducing, women are earning money, and school enrollment rates have increased through initiatives like the girls’ dormitory. People recognize Plan International as part of our community.” – Sabina’s mother

Sabina laughs heartily.

Unbridled joy after a long fought battle, Sabina takes a moment to soak up her well-earned success.

Sabina, her family – and everyone here at Plan International Canada – could not be prouder of her accomplishment. But we all also recognize she couldn’t have done it alone.

Your generous sponsorship has helped unblock the barriers that keep so many girls in Hatibandha from reaching their dreams. Instead, opening a way that’s illuminated with opportunity, propelled by possibility and ever-expanding with limitless potential.

And that gives us another big thing to celebrate.

So, thank you sponsors and lookout world because it’s only onwards and upwards for this unstoppable girl!


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