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Removing the barriers to education

"Since Plan began working here, parents are more serious about our education."
-- Rima, student, aged 12

A brighter future with better education.

In our last update we told you about new boats getting children to school in the rainy season, and that's a big step forward for education and development in Hatibandha.

But there are many barriers to education in communities like Hatibandha that have been struggling with poverty for generations, and Plan is working to remove all of them.

One barrier is the poor quality of education that awaits children once they get to school, which makes it very difficult for parents to justify the sacrifice and long-term investment required to keep their children in school, especially when the family is barely getting by.

That's why, with your help, new projects over the last few months have been aimed at bringing everyone together to improve the quality of education at local schools, including:

  • School planning workshops: Discussions were held across the community to talk about what makes for a great school, where the gaps are in Hatibandha, and what the priorities are for improvement. By setting goals and then committing their own resources, time and support for local initiatives, community members are playing a leading role in making better schools a reality for local children.
  • School Management Committee training: With training and support, this committee has been completely revitalized and now has an action plan for delivering on concrete improvements in school performance, management and monitoring.
  • Teacher recruitment and training: After recruiting and hiring, 12 elementary and preschool teachers were given six days of intensive orientation and training on the curriculum, teaching methods and learning system, as well as child rights and welfare.

With new boats, more children are getting to school, and with better schools, more children will stay there. And by involving everyone in the effort we're driving home the value of education as a tool for positive change and development. That's another big step forward for Hatibandha, and all of it's possible thanks to sponsors like you.

If you're inspired by the change made possible by your generous support, take a moment to view our latest photos and learn about how we are working with boys to improve equality for girls and women.


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