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Meet the staff

Community nurse takes blood pressure Community nurse takes blood pressure

Meet Hafizul

Title: Community facilitator

How have you been involved in the community so far?

I have been actively involved in many community activities, working closely with the local people and observing their lifestyle, culture, values. I have helped build trust and good relationships among community members, generating a healthy environment for change.

How are community members responding to Plan’s activities?

The community people appreciate Plan’s approach for ensuring child development through holistic activities like sanitation, disaster risk reduction, quality education, health of children and mothers with active participation of local people. They are eager and enthusiastic to participate in these activities because they want a better life for their families and their children.


Meet Banesha

Title: Volunteer teacher

Why did you decide to volunteer with Plan?

Plan works in the community through engaging all people. I like this style. I want to be a teacher because this way I will be able to teach children and take part in the community development process, especially for improving education quality.

Why are the people excited about Plan being here? How are they engaged with their own development?

Children will benefit and, as a result, the whole community will be developed. People will have the opportunities for being engaged in their own community development process as well. That is why the community is very welcoming to Plan.


Meet Suchittra

Title: Disaster risk reduction facilitator

What do you love most about working with this particular community or group?

I love to identify barriers to development and discuss them with people in the community.

How is life different for girls and women in this community?

Life is different for girls and women in this community because they live in a hard-to-reach area. They can’t receive any kind of information on health or education, and cannot participate in the decision-making process. Girls cannot participate in any recreational activities due to social barriers. Always girls and women are dominated by a male.

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