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Life above the floODS

Climate impact is showing in Hatibandha, with 75% of Bangladesh being less than 10 meters above the sea level – the need for refuge is dire. But there is a solution; by building homesteads on risen plinths (platform constructions), the home can remain a place of security and comfort.

During the dry season, Hatibandha is a land full of opportunities: farmers cultivate maize, chili, potatoes, and other vegetables. But when the rainy season arrives, the communities are cut off by water with no ability to grow their crops. And worse still, the floodwater creeps into their homes, making them uninhabitable.

Before your support, the most vulnerable members of the community would be living in these floodwaters, forced into makeshift shelter or refuge in the nearby schools. Thanks to your generous donation, nearly 16 homes were built on plinths, 5 feet above the flood level, directly benefiting over 100 family members, including more than 50 children.


Plinth Raising


Plinthed structures that you made possible have since provided refuge for about 200 community members. Additionally, your sponsorship provides risk preparation training, such as swimming tips, as well as boat services, to help further protect and empower affected families.

The Community Impact:


    “We always have to struggle with nature and survive with worries. Previously, my house was on the lowland and every year it was hit by the flood, but this year, flood water could not reach it because its ground was made high through plinth raising.” – Mohizone

  • group of girls with books

    “My house was situated on the low land where floodwater was logged for many days. We had to take shelter far away on the roadside, but this year flood could not hit my house because the plinth of the house was raised high with support from Plan International.” – Abdus

Plinths are ideal for securing homes against the impact of monsoon flooding – the foundations are steady, strong, and protect homes from the rising rivers. These plinths have pulled the communities together – providing those without a dry home, a place to find refuge.


Family recived Plinth Raising


Thanks to your generous and vital help, we have managed to lift families, spirits and safety within the community – but we’re far from finished. Together, through your crucial support we’re continuing to drive disaster resilience in Hatibandha so families can unleash their full potential.


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