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How you’re helping youth embrace the art of life

One of the greatest rewards in life is the ability to create. And whether it be through words, images or other mediums, the ability to express oneself – and to learn through other’s creative imaginings – is one of the most enriching ways we can share perspectives and learn about the world, as well as ourselves.

In addition to providing life-changing supports, you’re giving children all across Hatibandha this chance through enhanced tools and invaluable opportunities. And now, they’re not only painting pictures of a community they’d like to see in the future – they have what they need to help create it, today.

Here’s the latest on how you’re making this happen:


A boy sits and smiles with a book at his desk, with his friends doing the same in the distance.

40% of Bangladesh’s population is under the age of 18 – meaning there’s a whole lot of untapped potential for youth to grow and thrive into a new age, alongside their country, if only they had the resources to get there.

By sponsoring the community of Hatibandha, you’re reaching youth, who live in some of the most remote corners of the country, with innovative activities like wall magazines.

Children stand proudly and smile next to their latest edition of their magazine.

Extra! Extra! These young journalists stand proudly by the latest edition.

The wall magazines engage primary students of all ages: grades 3-5 contribute and the process is overseen – with teachers’ guidance – by the Student Council who edit, assign and curate pieces (and also receive your added support!).

From these submissions, 20 works are selected to be posted, then archived and rotated every two months, ensuring everyone has a chance to experience the thrill of seeing their work in print!


“I felt very happy and proud when everyone was reading my writing in the wall magazine!” – Marufa, Grade 5, one of over 150 go-getting students taking part in the project, thanks to you!


All students who participate are provided with the supplies they need – like colouring pencils, construction paper and writing materials – to help bring their visions to life.


 Lima’s drawing of her thriving community, with a shining sun, trees, flowers, boats and homes.

Lima, one of the youth you’re helping support, drew this to say thanks!

With your sponsorship, new supply distributions, as well as essay and art competitions have taken place at events attended by over 500 people, nurturing local children’s creative talents and confidence.

Children gather and colour and draw as they take part in an art competition.

Parvin, 8, and her brothers are just a few of these children.

Portraits of three siblings (one girl, two boys).

(From left) Parvin and her two brothers: Amiar and Jamiar.

“I really enjoyed the art competition – a lot of children participated – and I learned how to draw,” says Parvin’s brother Amiar. “I also got materials like pens, pencils, eraser and khata (exercise book) that has been provided by Plan International to help me read and write!”


“I became too happy to have the chance to participate in that event!” – Amiar, 7, a budding new artist, who you helped equip!


“I was also given some supplies and when I go to school am enjoying myself a lot,” Parvin, adds.

Parvin’s older brother, Jamiar, 12, also took part – and is seeing its impact: “I have seen the change of my school environment,” he explains. “Earlier students were less eager to go to school. Now it has improved and I feel excited to go.”


 Jamiar happily reads a book with his two younger sisters, including Parvin.

You’re inspiring Hatibandha’s next generation – and they’re inspiring each other!

“A few years ago, there was no favourable environment for play or organizing cultural events,” says the sibling’s mother, Moklema. “But since Community Sponsorship, children receive education materials and are always eager to participate and parents are now very enthusiastic about their children’s education.”

Parvin’s mother sits and listens to her read, alongside her brother and younger sister.

“These Community Sponsorship events help get everyone involved so that children can enjoy more opportunities to obtain their dreams,” says Moklema, who has new hope for her children.

As you help children secure some of the most vital resources, you’re bringing so much more than the basics: you’re offering the chance to not just grow, but branch out to become who they truly are – and flourish.


“Earlier we used to say only education, but now we say quality education.” – Mr. Nur, District Education Officer


Today, children across Hatibandha are actively finding their voices and expressing themselves – and thanks to you, a lot of what they have to express, is joy.

Parvin and her younger sister look at one another and smile.


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