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Hatibandha goes green!

Fields are blooming and opportunities are booming across Hatibandha, thanks to you.

But it hasn’t always been this way. A typically barren terrain coupled with seasonal flooding has made it difficult for the people of this rural community to successfully harvest crops and develop green space.

Yet, the desire to see their environment thrive remained.

A sunset over a both sandy and flooded Hatibandha.

Now, thanks to your support, environmental pursuits are sprouting up all over Hatibandha, budding brighter days and harvesting hope abroad.

“I wish to see a green community,” shared Rojina, who has since taken part in a tree-planting ceremony that you made happen. More than 250 saplings were distributed to over 20 families, helping bring Rojina’s dream to fruition.

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“I am very happy to get this sapling,” 14-year-old Laboni says excitedly. “This sapling will become a big tree when I grow up. It will be an asset for our family.”

Double panel: female students receive saplings, while a family plants their own.

Students receive saplings and families, like Ripa’s (at right) perform tree planting.

New primary schools across the community are also blossoming thanks to tree planting and school gardening projects, launched through your support.

“This will encourage us to ensure a better school environment for our children,” shares Mr. Akramul, a member of the school management committee helping oversee the project.

Led by students, this initiative will teach youth to take ownership in protecting the environment and learn how to capitalize on cultivation.

Double panel: students laugh and care for the school garden, while others observe.

Some parents even chipped in time and resources, like bamboo for fencing, to help see to the project’s success.

“Today I am very happy that a sapling is planted by us. This sapling will be a big tree and give us oxygen,” says Nishi, 12 who is eager to breathe new life into the school yard.

“I enjoy working in our school garden,” she adds. “I, along with my friends, take care of it every day during leisure period.”

It’s an experience that will help students develop invaluable skills – skills which will serve them well in the future, as well as the next generations.

An adolescent girl waters flowers outside her home.

But no need to wait! Already its impact is being felt, especially through a fond appreciation for nature.

“I like the natural scenery in my community,” shares 10-year-old Malek. “It’s simply beautiful.”

Kajol and her sister smile and hold up plants from their garden crops.

When asked what she likes best about where she lives, Kajol, 17 replies: “The beautiful river, the forest, the birds and the crop fields.”

Beyond visual splendour, community members are taking in knowledge on how to harness a lush surrounding for better health, safety and resilience.

“We were affected by the flash flood, but I was able to contract land for crops like maize,” shares Kajol’s mother, Anwara. “I have learned to cultivate cereal crops through different sessions provided by Plan International,” she adds. “Community Sponsorship has been building the capacity of our people.”

Kajol agrees that increased nutritional and agricultural awareness is helping them reap big rewards.

“Since Community Sponsorship, we have learned to clean our vegetables before cutting them and know how to ensure the nutritional value remains intact,” she explains. “Many people have learned about the preparation of compost fertilizer and apply their learning to their land.”

Community members tend to crops and harvest lots of corn, while Shohagi and her mother smile as they collect grain.

Community members like Shohagi, 15, and her mother (bottom), collect corn and grain aplenty!

Today, your support is enriching the environment, and unearthing opportunities for families to flourish.

Giving local livelihoods a lift…

A boy sits among other sellers at the local market, selling vegetables.

“I like to see the field full of crops. My whole community looks like a green mat when the corn grows,” says Nabi, 11. “During holidays, I can go to the market with my father, and sell and buy goods for our family.”

Helping everyone gain greater food security…

 Residents of the girls’ dormitory sit together and enjoy lunch.

Like so many of the local students you support through school feeding programs, residents of the girls’ dormitory (that you helped build) sit together and enjoy their daily, nutritious lunchtime meal.

And sowing seeds of change.

Smiling children wave in front of the phrase “Thank you” spelled out in corn on the grass.

“We appreciate your contributions very much!” shares 13-year-old Sazu – one of many children thrilled for the chance to grow healthy and strong – alongside local greenery!

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