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Girls’ dormitory progress, in photos: your exclusive update

What started as a wish for girls across Hatibandha is becoming a reality. Brick by brick, anticipation rises as construction on the girls’ dormitory progresses.

The whole community can’t wait to see the final product – and neither can we! Until then, check out how the building project you made possible is already building hope in Hatibdandha.

  • Reetu and two girlfriends stand outside the dorm construction site.

     / Reetu (centre) and her friends pose with the soon-to-be girls’ dormitory!

  • Girls chat outside the unfinished dorm.

     / Anju (right) and friends share what the dorm will mean to them.

  • Girls study on grass outside the unfinished dorm.

     / Anju (second from right) and her friends can’t wait for their new place to study!

  • Girls enter the half-completed dorm.

     / Girls enter the half-completed dorm.

  • Girls look at one another over balconies.

     / Here’s looking at you! Girls look forward to the future of their studies.

  • Girls stand in windows making peace signs.

     / As construction continues, excitement continues to build.

  • Girls smile with heads on hand.

     / Dreaming of the dorm completion… coming soon!


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