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Girls’ dorm:
change that’s here to stay

It’s been over a year since community sponsors like you first helped to open the doors of Teestakoli girls’ dormitory in Hatibandha. Now we want to show you how this temporary housing has brought about transformation that’s anything but.

The girls’ dorm and surrounding grounds.

Tour the grounds to see your sponsorship in action!

Girls smile and walk hand-in-hand outside their dorm.

Since arriving, the student residents are thrilled with their new, convenient home – and they aren’t the only ones. Students’ parents have been extremely pleased with how it’s helping improve both their daughters’ lives, and their own.

These days, residents’ moms and dads have more peace of mind in knowing their girls’ are in a safe, secure, well-equipped and supervised space, getting exceptional opportunities. They also have added time to dedicate to their crops and work – particularly critical during harvesting season.

Girls sit and enjoy a meal at the dorm.

Parents have happily offered surplus bags of food to support girls’ meals – like this one – at the dormitory, showing their personal investment and sustained commitment to the project.

“We are really lucky to get the chance to stay here,” says Smrity, who is in Grade 9. “Once I was worried to come to school and some of us could not attend classes. But now, I don’t have any worries about facing a risky commute to school. In this dormitory, I am getting various opportunities.”

Girls look at a fire extinguisher.

Dorm residents have been briefed on added security, emergency and Disaster Risk Reduction procedures, ensuring they’re empowered and safe.

“I am staying at the girls’ dormitory and last year, most of the residents obtained good results in their school examination. Life here is totally different,” shares 12-year-old Khadiza.

Girl sits on her bed, smiles and reads a book.

With less of a commute, girls have more time to study and read for enjoyment throughout the day. They also have the perk of readily available study buddies!

“Many changes have occurred and Plan International is working for girls’ education,” recognizes Nabi, a 14-year-old boy in the community who is equally pleased with the developments. “They established a girls’ dormitory and provided play materials.”

A group of six girls crowd around and play a board game.

It can’t be all work and no play! The girls gather round and play games like carom board – one of the local favourites.

“They also ensured separate toilets and running water facilities for hygiene,” he adds.

A girl retrieves water from a pump and smiles.

A resident uses one of the onsite clean water pumps – a valuable resource many girls didn’t have access to before living at the dorm.

A girl brushes her hair in the dorm bathroom.

Residents take great care of their health and hygiene, now that they have access to proper sanitation facilities.

“There is a gulf of difference with the dormitory in respect of health, hygiene, study and indoor games,” says Shaidul, whose daughter Rumi currently resides at the dormitory.

“Our kids are living in very good conditions here, and that is why we are happy.”

Girls laugh the dorm.
Girls laugh even harder outside the dorm.

Now see how your sponsorship (and staying at the dorm) has helped Sabina reach her ultimate goal!