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Girls, boats and dorms

Ensuring that girls get an education is a big priority for development in Hatibandha, but in a place so remote and spread out, that means finding a solution to the long and arduous trip required to get to school and back every day.

We’ve helped the community address this challenge in a number of ways, including the creation of a school boat service that now includes seven boats, equipped with life vests: the five hand-propelled long tails delivered last year and, just recently, two larger motorized boats.

The new motorized boats are spacious and get students to school quickly.

“We are delighted to have school boats with engines,” says grade-seven student Kayema. “Now we can easily reach school and attend exams on time, and we do not have to get our dresses wet.”

But while the boats solve the problem for some students, for others whose homes are furthest away from school, travel times continue to represent an ongoing barrier to regular attendance. So for these students, the construction of the new dorm we told you about last year is now underway. Once it’s done, will allow over 50 girls to board at school during the week.

Community members celebrate the launch of construction of the girls’ dormitory

In mid-December a ceremony was held to break ground at the construction site, which was widely attended by students, teachers and parents, as well as local officials, journalists and Mr. Motahar Hossain, Member of Parliament and State Minister of Primary and Mass Education. The event was a joyful recognition of the importance of a project that will benefit so many girls and their families in Hatibandha.

Girls are excited to see the construction of the school dormitory begin

“These initiatives will help our children attend school and pursue their education smoothly without any trouble, preventing early dropouts and helping to stop child marriage, says Safiar Rahman, the community’s Chairman. “We think ourselves fortunate having received thoughtful support from Plan and express our gratitude to them.”


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This project receives financial support from the Government of Canada through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).