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For maximum change, invest in her

Ripa is the second eldest in her family, and at 12 she’s old enough to bear witness to the considerable change that Community Sponsorship has brought to her community, family and life over the past 2 years.

Ripa poses with her family in the distance.

Ripa, 12, and her family have each other’s backs!

From improved disaster preparedness, to increased household income, the impact of Plan’s projects has greatly improved the family’s quality of life. Perhaps, the strongest driver of this change for Ripa, in particular, is the investment in girls’ education. Improved access to schooling has meant an escape from the tradition of child marriage, and its devastating effects, for new generations of girls and women in Hatibandha.

Ripa walks to school.

Come rain or come shine, Ripa is on a promising path (to school and in life)!

Today, thanks to Community Sponsorship, Ripa is excelling in her studies and is a pioneer and role model who’s leading the way for other girls.

“Plan has been helping us reduce the gender gap,” she says, with evident pride. “The days are changing and parents are taking care of their children equally.”

Ripa’s mother, Hasena, has certainly become a big supporter of education for all her children, having seen, first hand, the difference it can make. After participating in a livelihood training program and being provided with her own sewing machine, Hasena has a new set of skills in tailoring and dressmaking and her own source of income to benefit both herself and her family.

Ripa watches her mother sew.

“I am earning money and making clothes for my family members. I can spend that money for my children’s education,” says Hasena (pictured here with Ripa and her sewing machine).

Ripa is even learning the tricks of the creative trade from her mother, and – with her assistance – is able to make doll clothing with the leftover pieces of cloth so that she can share them with her friends!

Motivated by what she’s learning, and the new skills she’s acquiring every day, Ripa has become a passionate champion of breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a cycle of progress. She now aims to spread the inspiration and empowerment by sharing valuable information, and helping educate others.

Ripa tutors her younger siblings.

“I try to share the knowledge with my family members,” says Ripa, who is an enthusiastic tutor of her younger siblings, in particular.

Moved by the generosity of donors and the improvements Community Sponsorship has had on her own life and family, Ripa now dreams of giving back. Moving forward she hopes to stretch the positive effects of Plan’s support even further by reaching and helping more people through her personal efforts.

“I would like to set up a nearby health service center where children and women can easily get service, even if they cannot afford it. I will not take fees from the people of my community,” she says, “especially from the children.”

Ripa tutors her younger siblings.

Ripa and her siblings now enjoy access to clean water, thanks to donors like you.

Financially enabled mothers and educated daughters are changing lives for the better in Hatibandha. Through your support, they are sparking and sustaining changes that are creating new hope, and new opportunities – helping families escape poverty today, and leading communities into a more promising tomorrow.


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