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Feeding young minds

Students happy to have nutritious food to eat.

180 students are now enjoying a school lunch every day.

In Hatibandha, our investment in local schools is not only improving education among children but supporting their health and welfare as well.

With the support of our donors, we’ve created a new school-based meal program that is now providing 180 students with a nutritional lunch throughout the week.

The idea for the initiative originated with teachers, parents and other members on the newly-formed School Management Committee. They were looking for a way to address the fact that so many children were finding it hard to stay focused and in class until 4:00 pm because they hadn’t eaten lunch.

To solve the problem, parents were asked to contribute something every day, whether it be some rice, vegetables, firewood or time as a volunteer to do the cooking.

Much to everyone’s delight, the initiative was met with huge enthusiasm. Parents and other community members were eager to support the program. Some local business owners even stepped forward to contribute a wide range of items, including ingredients like salt, oil, and spices, utensils, as well as some construction materials, and monthly cash.

In the end, the school collected all of the equipment and supplies needed to construct a proper kitchen at the school, complete with a stove and hand washing devices. In addition, teachers are now helping to monitor the growth of students.

Thanks to the initiative of the school and the support of the community, students are enjoying a healthy balanced meal every day, which is keeping them focused on their education.

“Now, I am very happy to attend school. I don’t feel bored or unmindful during class because I have a meal every day at school,” says Babita, one grade-4 student.


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