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Disaster risk reduction

Community members participate in mock drill sessions to prepare for natural disasters.

Participating in the mock drill session to prepare for disasters

In a community at high risk of flooding for big parts of the year, Plan is helping local people better prepare and respond to what is a particularly challenging and difficult form of natural disaster.

This past Spring and Summer in Hatibandha, following months of community outreach and education, two mock drills took place to test and reinforce the community’s new knowledge. In total, 630 people participated, and it was a success on every measure.

“I enjoyed this mock drill session and learned a lot.” says Zenarul, a grade-8 student and local Children’s Organization member. “I can’t wait to tell other students at my school who couldn’t be here.”

In fact, many said they were eager to share what they learned with others, some of whom approached Plan organizers to ask what they could do to bring the initiative to a neighbouring community.

Community members participate in mock drill sessions to prepare for natural disasters.

Moving a family home as flooding continues

Unfortunately, the people of Hatibandha have since had the chance to put their new knowledge and readiness to the test, as continuous rainfall has caused significant flooding since mid-August.

But the training they received paid off. Local residents knew what to do when the water began to rise, and, as a result, were successful in protecting themselves, their homes and livestock, as well as their water wells, latrines, schools, and community buildings from rising water.

Early warning systems, evacuation plans and education on what to do and when, save lives and significantly reduce the impact of disasters—as the people of Hatibandha proved. These initiatives, along with longer-term solutions such as relocation to nearby properties on higher ground, are going a long way to helping people protect and improve their lives, thanks to your ongoing sponsorship.


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