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A timeline of transformation: Uplifting Anju and her family

3 portrait photos of Anju over the years.

Anju from 2014 (age 15) to 2016 (age 17)

When we first met Anju, she was 14, and full of dreams for the future – and so was her family. Since then, your Community Sponsorship has made inspiring change possible for her and her family. And we want to show you how the progress took shape – through your support – step-by-step, year-by-year.

Anju’s entire family stands in their home, embracing and smiling.

Anju and her family in 2013.

Track your impact:


In an area where only 7% of girls attend secondary school, Anju has achieved the incredible: graduating from secondary school and now attending college. Your support of school boats, supplies and teacher trainings has been instrumental in helping her make this leap.

3 photos of Anju at school where she reads in class, writes on the chalkboard in front of her peers, and smiles as she stands proudly in front of her school.

Anju proudly takes the lead at school.

2014: “My school is about 5 km away, so I cross a big river by a boat provided by Plan International.” – Anju

2015: “We did not have educational materials but are getting and using them happily through Community Sponsorship,” says Anju’s younger brother, Sazu. Anju proves they’re having positive effect: “I got a 4.3 GPA score!” she celebrates.

2016: “Teachers have become very punctual and sincere about their duties. Now I feel good to go to school,” says Sazu. Anju’s father, Abul’s, enthusiasm has also grown through your support: “We couldn’t afford Anju’s college books, but sponsors helped us. We’ve become very happy with her success.”

3 photos of Anju laughing as she holds, displays and uses her bag.

Anju’s overjoyed with her brand new bag!


There’s been a shift in the community, showing that your sponsorship has the power to change mindsets: effectively helping end child marriage and bring equal rights.

2013: “Boys get more opportunity in the family and society. I wish girls would be educated too. I want to see equality in all aspects of my community. I do not want any gender discrimination. ” – Anju

2014: “I think that gradually, attitudes will change through awareness raising by Plan International,” shared an optimistic Anju. She was right: “We did not give any emphasis on girls’ education, but Plan International taught us and now it is our priority,” her father commits.

2015: “Child marriage is reduced by Plan International’s initiative and some women received skills training and are earning money ... Mentalities are changing.” – Anju

2016:“People are taking care of both girls and boys equally after Plan International activities and instruction.” – Anju


Before we met this family, two of their children had passed away from illness. Now improvements to local health, like clean water access and medical resources are helping change the story.

Double panel photo: Anju holds up a glass of clear water and smiles; Anju helps her sister brush her teeth and comb her hair.

Anju ensures health benefits also flow out to her sister, Umme (now 6; pictured here at age 3).

2014: “Our daughter Anju educates us on how to make a hygienic environment at home, and the importance of hand washing and drinking safe water. I am grateful.” – Anju’s mother

2015: “Through sessions we know about adolescent health issues and the benefits of immunization, which I apply for my children,” says Anju’s mom. “They also taught us to garden vegetables, and use sanitary latrines and clean water. That’s why we recently had no waterborne disease in our family.”


Whether it’s herding cattle, harvesting rice or sewing clothes, you’re enabling Anju’s entire family to find sustainable income sources, so nothing’s standing in their way.

3 photos: Anju dishes up bowls of rice and walks to school with her family’s cattle in the distance, while her mother smiles as she sews a garment.

2013: Anju’s mother receives training on livestock and gardening.

2014: “We are doing well. Six months ago we did not cultivate crops but now have maize and rice,” says her mother. “I had the opportunity to get trained in a tailoring course. It will be very helpful for me.”

2015: “Plan International provided me with a sewing machine, so our income is increasing day by day,” says Anju’s mom. “We have a small grocery shop and I run it with my husband. We couldn’t maintain our accounts, but now my daughter and son properly guide us to keep financial records.”

2016: “We lost much agricultural land due to flash floods. Now, with Plan International’s help, we are involved with cow rearing and benefitting. It’s a very profitable business,” says her father. And, it’s a nutrient booster! “Every day I drink milk,” adds Sazu.

Lasting change

Thanks to you, Anju and her entire family look forward to many more promising years to come.

Anju gazes up and smiles as her mom and baby sister laugh and cuddle in the background.

“After Community Sponsorship, a certain change has taken place among the children as well as in the community,” Anju’s mother told us in the first few months of working with them.

Today, years later, Anju’s father affirms it – seeing a transformation in his daughter, and all their lives. “We are happy to see Anju’s confidence and hope that one day, after completing her education, she will live a better life, just as we are gradually improving ours. Our family is passing through life happily.

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