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A scrapbook celebrating moms

Your Community Sponsorship has been supporting moms across homes in Hatibandha, so they can support their families, and the community.

So we thought we’d share a collection of scrapbooked snapshots, showing just how much your generosity has meant, and illuminating how – no matter where one lives – a mother’s love always means the world.

A mother holds up her baby boy; both smile.

You’re uplifting moms, and their children – and just look how they’re growing!

Fifteen-year-old Shohagi and her mother are determined to do it all. “I get up early to take care of our chickens, goats and cows with my mother,” says Shohagi. “But my mother makes sure that I go to school regularly and don’t miss class.”

Seeing her mom work so hard, inspires Shohagi to set new goals.

“My mother received tailor training [through Community Sponsorship], and sometimes I help her when I have time. Nowadays women are doing jobs in many challenging professions.”

Double panel: Shohagi and her mom collect grain and work on tailoring together.

With your support, Shohagi and her mom are making their own way in the world.

Bobita, 13, is equally admirable of her mom: “My mother is very busy with work!”

 Double panel: Bobita and her mother and Arfina and her mother

Bobita (at left) and Arfina (at right) beam alongside their mothers.

“My mother and I bring the cattle back home together in the evening,” says Arfina, 13, who cherishes the daily sunset stroll they share.

“I also assist her in cleaning utensils and always wash my teeth and face,” she notes, following hygiene and sanitation trainings that your supported.

Double panel: Rojina and her mother use the water pump, Rahela’s mother pours her a glass of clean water.

Local water taps mean moms can give their children clean water, one of the essentials of life.

“I am an early riser and always try to be fit and healthy. I have learned this from my mother,” says Lipi, 13. She looks to her mother for advice and now, thanks to local awareness sessions, both have better access to key health information and resources.

Double panel: Afroja and Rahela’s mothers do their hair.

Who doesn’t love getting their hair done (especially with a little help from mom)?

“I feel best in the morning with my mother,” says Rahela, 13, whose mother helps her prep for the day (pictured above, right, getting hair braided).

Rima and mother

“I help my mother with household jobs,” says Rima, 10 (pictured with her mother and sister, Misti, above). Rima couldn’t be happier to mimic her major role model: her mom.

Three panels: Anju cooks, serves food and smiles with her mom and sister.

More livelihood opportunities help moms and families cook up nutritious meals.

“I often help my mother to cook,” says Anju, 17, who’s learning about nutrition and important life skills.

Together, she and her mother take part in many local activities that you make possible: “There was huge enthusiasm among the mothers and children when we participated in different events,” she adds.

Morzina with mother and baby brother

Developments that you’re making happen will be passed down to Hatibandha’s next generation, improving conditions for years to come.

“I have participated in most of the events along with my siblings and mother,” says Morzina, 11 (pictured above). “During the holidays, I like to go to my grandmother’s house close by,” she adds, showing appreciation for her time with all the moms in her life.

Generations of women sit around a campfire and laugh.

Who doesn’t love swapping family stories by the fire?

“I share whatever happened during the day with my mother before sleeping,” shares Khadiza, 12.

A small child falls asleep in his mother’s arms.

Even with so many new, community supports available, after a long, hard day, few things are as comforting as a mother’s embrace.

“My mother is very happy for me,” says fourteen-year-old Reetu, who now attends school regularly.

Afroja, her mother and her younger sister and brother smile and embrace.

Afroja, 13, a resident of the girls’ dorm built with your support, smiles with her siblings and their supportive mother.

“She is my very best friend.”

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