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A school shelter from the storm

During this year’s monsoon season, flooding hit Bangladesh and communities like Hatibandha hard.

A boat is nearly capsized by monsoon rains.

But, thankfully, your support helped prevent tragedy and protect children and families.

Here’s one example of how:

A woman struggles to help her goats our of a flooded area.

“I love our river, though sometimes it causes many sufferings in our lives,” says 13-year-old Ripa.

Women wade in the water while crossing a flooded field.
 Students disembark from the school boat to land, smiling as they run to school.

“I avoid flood risks, but feel good to see students using the boat provided by Plan International for going to school during the rainy season,” explains Anju, 17.

Though the boats you help make possible are still a big help during flooding, mass river erosion has been causing great destruction – closing in on homes and school structures.

In light of this, and knowing the risks through the disaster training you help make possible, community members agreed with local authorities that they must take swift action to protect students and their learning.

“Plan International is teaching us both child protection issues and disaster preparedness.” – Local mother

Quickly, community members shut down and disassembled a nearby school that was in imminent danger of being washed away, managing to save learning materials – and most importantly, lives.

With efficient and effective organization and team work, they decided to transfer all books and assets to a new learning space, that you would then help them build.

Staying dry and studying on

Students stand outside the new structure, smiling and raising their hands.

The new alternative learning space that you helped create.

Through your sponsorship, community members were able to construct a new, safe alternative learning space, offering children a place to seek protection and comfortably continue their learning journey.

“Plan International is always teaching us about the wellbeing of our children, and ensuring the education of our girls and boys,” says a local mother, whose home was raised on pillars through your support, saving it from the floods. “They support us to realize our own strengths so that we can address the flood situation.”

Children laugh and run to the alternative learning space.

To address any distress the relocation may have caused, teachers received first aid and psycho-social training, enabling them to better support struggling students.

A teacher instructs his classroom in the new space.

Additionally, classes participated in further risk reduction activities, together developing and practicing in-case-of-emergency action plans.

A young girl stands at her classroom desk and smiles.

“We were affected by flood and most households faced some flood-related problems,” says Sarifa, mother of 10-year-old Nuri. “Plan International teaches to continue girls’ education, to protect children, and to use local resources to cope with the disaster.”

“It is very good to see that our beloved children go to school every day,” she adds. “We want to continue their education for future betterment.”

A full class of young students stand outside the temporary school and laugh.

Thanks to you, this centre is keeping children safely on course.

Education is always important – especially following a potentially traumatic or challenging time for children. It helps to restore hope and maintain normalcy and routine in a child’s life – ensuring they can keep enjoying their childhoods and preparing for a future of promise.

As Lima, 8, says: “I just like going to school every day.”

Now, tour the grounds of the girls’ dorm, to see lasting change, one year later.