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A family album:
Allies over the years

“From my perspective I can say there is no difference between a girl and a boy,” says, 14-year-old Rojina.

She and her brother, Malek, 10, have always seen eye-to-eye, and now – thanks to your Community Sponsorship – they’re taking the lead, hand-in-hand, to ensure their community does as well.

Malek and Rojina walk hand-in-hand carrying books and smile.

Malek and Rojina back in 2014

They’ve been busy taking part in local activities that you make possible, like Literacy Day celebrations, educational drama performances, school enrollment campaigns and various youth clubs.

As a result, they’ve had the chance to share their voices and develop their skills, so they can also help develop their community.
Profile photos of Rojina from 2013 to today.

Rojina over the years

“I would like to thank community sponsors for supporting the events,” says Rojina.

“I learned a lot from these activities and gained confidence. As a girl, I didn’t have any opportunity to participate before. Now I know about the consequences of child marriage and the importance of education.”

Recently, she even debuted a poem at a public event. “Everyone appreciated me,” she says with a smile.

Profile photos of Malek from 2013 to today.

Malek over the years.

“I was shy while talking with people before,” explains Malek, who is now an active member of the student council and an activist for equal rights. “Being engaged in different activities with my sister helps me communicate with others.”

Back in 2015, he had also expressed a keen interest to “perform in a school drama” – a pursuit you’ve since supported with 3 additional theatre groups and their “end child marriage” themed productions.

Recently, Malek had his big chance to take to the stage, playing a key role – both in the drama and the community movement.

“I am involved so I can make people aware,” he says, passionate to grow knowledge about the issues at hand, and growing, himself, in the process. “I can interact without hesitation now. As a child representative I am developing myself day by day.”

Four photos of Rojina and Malek’s family from 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

A family united, through the years

Together, this brother-sister duo are learning, contributing, growing and helping promote a united front for the gender equality movement. Today, it’s being reflected back.

“Campaigns have been vibrant,” says the siblings’ father, Mohammed. “The theatre show for stopping child marriage and abuse taught us the issue of child protection. Community Sponsorship teaches us how we can develop our family, with the participation of all, for all our betterment. It is very positive.”


“I see changes in my parents,” says Rojina. “They are very cooperative to make a friendly environment for us. My parents look after us equally and give equal priority in all household activities.”

3 photo panel: Rojina and Malek plant seed, feed cattle and pump water together.

“I share with my brother in doing domestic work,” says Rojina, as they tackle chores.

In the past, Malek expressed concerns about social norms, outside his family.

“I learned from my parents there is no difference between girls and boys, but in reality I see boys have more opportunities than girls,” he’d confided, hoping that “all children continue their education and play.”

Today, he’s seen a shift – and YOU helped make it possible.

“Since Community Sponsorship I’ve seen aims to stop child marriage and continue girls’ education,” he says. “I am very happy to see it. I feel good.”

Four photos of the brother and sister studying together from 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Rojina and Malek study side-by-side, day-by-day, year-by-year. “Every evening I study with my sister at the same table,” says Malek.

“Social awareness is increased in our community,” affirms, Rojina. “Girls can go to school, play, read and have the support of others. It is good to have equal opportunity.”

“Children are participating now more than ever before,” Malek agrees.

Rojina and Malek laugh and play, grabbing hands.

Like any brother and sister, they might goof around.

Rojina sits with books as Malek smiles in the distance.

But, at the end of the day, they always support one another…

Double photo panel: Rojina and Malek arm in arm in 2014 and again, in 2017.

And have each other’s back, no matter what.

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