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New preschool brings bright prospects for BFFs

Chanda, 4, and Nod 5, are best friends who’ve recently had a big change in their life, because of you.

A new preschool has been built in Nga, meaning 30 young children, including Chanda and Nod, now have the chance to learn!

Kay and Kham hold their daughters, Chanda and Nod.

Every morning, mothers Kham (at left with Nod) and Kay (at right with Chanda) bring their daughters to the preschool.

“Since meetings with Plan International staff, we are aware of the importance of education,” shares Chanda’s mom, Kay, who now knows that entering school early improves development, socialization and future educational performance. “It’s good for Chanda and her friends,” she adds.

Kham, Nod’s mom, agrees: “We decided to send Nod to preschool after we heard of the new Community Sponsorship build.”

Before, during and after: a triple panel of the preschool build.

The new preschool school before, during and after construction

“I have now seen the solidarity of my community,” Kay shares, after participating in the project. “If we unite and do things together, we can do anything.”

Invested in more than just the idea, Kay and Kham were among the 260 community members to put their support into action, contributing labour and materials for the build.

Plus, there are plans to build 5 more preschools community-wide, thanks to your sponsorship!

Chanda stands in front of the new school with peers.

Chanda, Nod and their peers line up outside the new preschool, excited to enter.

The impressive final product has more than just parents on board: it’s captured the attention of eager students like Chanda and Nod, anxious to step inside for the very first time.

When asked if she’d seen any improvements in her community Nod replied with glee “There is a new school for us!” while Chanda chimed in: “It looks nice. I am so proud we have it.”

Children like nod run inside their new preschool.

Students burst through the preschool doors, teeming with excitement. “I cannot wait to learn in the new school!” Nod exclaims.

Before, there weren’t enough engaging teaching materials available for captivating young imaginations. Now with your support, classrooms will be newly furnished and stocked with learning and play kits, meaning even more knowledge-boosting enhancements are en-route.

This prospect has the girls especially looking forward to their favourite part of the day: art hour.

Chanda, Nod and their classmates sing and clap during art hour at their preschool.

“Art is my favourite subject,” says Nod, clapping away during art time. “I especially love to sing. It is very fun.”

“Dancing makes me so happy,” says Chanda, with a smile. “And I like my teacher, she’s very gentle and kind, and my friends like her too.”

Thanks to you, teachers all across Nga will receive further training to build their skills and refine techniques.

And though Nod also enjoys this aspect of school, she’s got a new favourite thing in mind: “I like playing games with my teacher and friends, but I like the new school building most of all.”

Chanda stands and smiles at her new school’s handwashing station.

The new schools have running water and clean, safe latrine facilities, including handwashing stations.

“The new building is beautiful and there are toilets inside too,” says Chanda.

“I like the toilet,” Nod adds. “It looks even more beautiful than mine at home!”

Best friends Chanda and Nod stand in their classroom window and smile.

BFFs who will forever feel the benefit.

The girls are now thriving in their new environment – something their mothers have noticed too.

“My daughter is young, but she directly benefits from this support,” says Kay.

These besties also have big dreams for the road ahead.

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” says Chanda. “I would like to cure patients and save their lives.” Nod shares in feeling this is a worthy calling: she has set her sights on the same career. “Helping and curing people is the best thing to do,” she affirms.

Their parents are committed to helping them get there – but also note they couldn’t do it without you.

“It will take a long time, but my husband and I will fight for Nod’s schooling,” says Kham.

“With sponsors’ support, I believe that my daughter’s dream will come true.”

Held by her father, Chanda and her parents smile outside their hut home.

Back home after a busy day, Kay and her husband reflect on how preschool – a seemingly small stepping stone – can advance their daughter, and community, leaps and bounds.

“We never thought we would send our daughter to preschool,” says Kay. “My daughter is young, but learning in the new school will change her life in the long term. She’ll look back when she grows up and recognize what she’s learned from Plan International.”

Watch a special thank you video from the girls and their friends, for even more smiles!

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