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Boulalai’s family puts school first

“I heard one of my friends say that her parents asked her older sister to quit the school to help with chores while her older brother continues his schooling,” shares 8-year-old Boulalai, who lives with her two parents in Nga. “It is so sad to hear that!”

Thankfully, Boulalai’s parents have been active in Community Sponsorship efforts that you make possible, like ongoing awareness meetings, so they support a quality education for all children – regardless of gender or age.

I joined meetings where Plan International and district education staff met with villagers,” shares Houad, Boulalai’s father. “I’d like my children to attend a good school, receive a quality education and graduate.

For Houad and Boulalai’s mother, Mailith, that’s meant chipping in to help out with Community Sponsorship efforts, wherever possible. They’re particularly excited about the new school build projects – something you’ll soon make happen!

The family of three hold hands and smile outside their home.

Boulalai and her mother, Mailith and father, Houad.

We are looking forward to supporting the pre-primary school construction,” says Houad, who has already committed to gathering some construction materials.

My family is very happy to contribute.

A hopeful horizon

Today, Boulalai is entering into the fourth grade and thrilled to be doing so alongside a lot more of her peers, thanks to you!

It is so exciting!” she beams. “Going to school and playing with my friends is fun, and I can do them at the same time!”

She and her friends are also feeling more encouraged once they’re at school, thanks to teacher training and classroom enhancements like improved learning materials that you put in place.

“Lao language and art are my favourite subjects,” shares Boulalai – excited to grow important life skills that will aid with communication, expression and future prospects. “But I like the teachers most of all: they are very supportive and motivated,” she adds. Boulalai is thrilled to be part of a positive learning environment, and feeling inspired to flourish within it.

“I want to be a doctor. There are many poor people in my community and I want to help them, and my parents. My teachers will help make my dream career come true,” she says with gratitude – a process that’s already begun, thanks to you.

Boulalai and her friend walk arm in arm down a path in Nga, while Boulalai looks back and smiles.

A big “thanks!” from Boulalai and all her friends that you support.

You’re opening paths of learning across Nga, enabling girls to take more promising routes and arrive at positive destinations.

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