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In their own words

As a child, few things can match the feeling that you belong. It’s this sense of security you’re helping children grab hold of in Volta.

Thanks to you, more than 1,650 youth across 33 schools have taken part in Rights of the Child (ROC) clubs, informing over 6,500 children of their rights.

To date, these clubs have promoted change, boosted confidence and fostered friendships throughout the community. But don’t take our word for it – hear it directly from the children taking part!


“It helps children grow in the right direction,” shared one young participant. “And it broadens horizons.”

The clubs have opened new worlds of knowledge and imagination through books: recently, reading competitions were organized for close to 10 ROCs.


Public debates and community drama performances have encouraged participants to express themselves freely, and feel more confident in sharing their voices. Close to 16,000 men, women, girls and boys have been educated on children’s issues through your support.

 A group of youth gather and listen to an instructor.

“Each of us could identify herself/himself in the scenes depicted in the play,” explains Sylvester, a local father. “It joggled our conscience and became the talking point in the community afterwards. It was a very enlightening wakeup call to take children’s education seriously and live up to our responsibilities.”


Radio programs are helping youth develop their presentation skills, while giving them a chance to speak to issues that matter to them – broadcasting their thoughts to an audience of nearly 10,000 local listeners.

Children gather around mics and a soundboard for their radio program.

“I believe efforts are making an impact,” says Shine, following a session where several parents took interest and called in to their show. “We know changing attitudes takes time so we’re very determined, and – with continuous support from community sponsors – we can change the situation for the better.”


As a supervisor for the ROC club, Peace has seen the amazing effect these clubs (and you!) are having, with every passing day.

“Through dramas, reading competitions and games, the club has become more active than ever. Children always look forward to it,” she says. “As a result, there is unity and peace – community members are happy and proud to belong here. One can see this anytime a meeting is called.”

Finally, to fully showcase the impact you’re having, we thought we’d cap off these testaments with a special message from Jenifer, a girl you’ve helped thrive.

In a handwritten note, Jenifer shares how the ROC changed her life, and thanks sponsors for the support.

We’re always grateful for your support, and happy to tell you about the amazing things you’re accomplishing for children and families in Volta. But nothing really compares to seeing it for yourself.

We hope these words illuminate all the change you’re making possible, and the many wonderful ways these changes are truly changing lives.

“I say “Ayekoo” meaning “well done” to community sponsors for this initiative,” celebrates Bikpa, a local teacher. Frankly, we couldn’t have said it better, ourselves!

Teenage students stand in front of a school community sponsors helped build, holding a big “Thank you” sign and smiling.

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